About Out of Syllabus

The urge to learn is not bound by any chain but academics do have its boundaries. What if there was a window of opportunity for young minds to take a detour from the traditional route? What if they came across a chance to think beyond what is taught inside classrooms? Behold, welcome to the world of perspectives.

Out of Syllabus is an innovative way of presenting different outlooks and interesting experiences by renowned dignitaries from different walks of life to the young and curious students of liberal arts and mass communication of USLM. It is an annual intellectual event which is organized over a period of 2 days and brings together domain experts and the students’ fraternity on one common stage for massive brainstorming and engaging sessions on various

contemporary as well as futuristic topics. The objective of the event emphasizes in offering clarity of thoughts, ideas, opinions and applications to the students in their learning process and careers ahead.

OUT OF SYLLABUS 2022 Theme: Think inside the box first

Challenging traditions and established norms is in itself a convention, making the concept of ‘Thinking out of the box’ an oxymoron, literally. The very nature of humans drives the mind to frequently venture and explore beyond what is perceived as mundane, commonplace and established. And so does it give results in the form of new trends and disruptions. The question that jumps in at this juncture is – does it always give the best results? There is a catch here. In the quest for experiment, the ripest of opportunities often go unnoticed – potential that has developed and accumulated over time, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.

More often, the most logical methodologies of planning and doing things productively lie in a combination of understanding one’s strengths and capabilities relatively with the rational analysis of the future and social and economic environment. And the precursor to this coherence is to take a

step back and explore all things that we are accustomed to, all factors which are inherently in our favor, all elements which may already be sufficient to make our efforts and plans meaningful and all of these which we have somehow decided to ignore.

Its time to rewind the story. Explore and extract the best from the box first, so that everything outside of it make more sense and rhythm with the mind and its plans in the future. Welcome to OUT OF SYLLABUS 2022.

The organizer – USLM

The Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communication [USLM] is an epitome of the perfect learning machinery for contemporary liberal arts and humanities intertwined beneficially with mass communication. In today’s world, technology alone is not enough and with strategically designed courses of USLM, the students get an opportunity to think and apply pragmatism beyond the routine. The courses offered range from specializations focused on People in Societies, History and International Relations, Business Studies, Economics, Public Policy, Communication and Aesthetics. Mass Communications on the other hand cover specializations such as Broadcast

Journalism & Film Studies, Advertising & Public Relations and Print & Cyber Journalism.

Out Of Syllabus is the grand annual event of USLM which aims at bringing together a host of eminent personalities and achievers from different fields and domains on a common platform, where they present insights, share experiences and enlighten and motivate the young students’ community about various issues and topics related to the theme of the respective edition.

About Karnavati University

Karnavati University, the architect of Ahmedabad Design Week, is an epitome of learning, value and excellence. Constantly engaged in introducing avenues for imparting knowledge in the most evolving, inventive, motivated and methodical manner, Karnavati University was granted the status of a private University in March 2017 by the state of Gujarat through the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2017. It is established under the Karnavati Medical and Educational Trust [KMET].

Karnavati University is constituted of the following colleges, operated by KMET: UWSB, USLM, UWSL, UID, KSD, USCI, SRDS

Karnavati University is spread across more than 33 acres of lush green campus at Uvarsad in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat. It is strategically located between Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat and Ahmedabad, India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City.

Event Speakers

Anand Narasimhan
Managing Editor - Special Projects & Sr. Anchor, Network18
Anshul Sood
Co-founder & CEO, Oceedee Shoes
Tapas Sen
Chief Content Officer, Mirchi
Riri Trivedi
Co-Founder, Wellness Space and SEE
Neha Gargava
Voice Artist
Faisal Mohd
Founder, GarbageBin Comics
Dr. Seema Rao
India's first woman commando trainer
Rajani Thindiath
Former Editor-in-Chief, Tinkle Comics
Saumya Joshi
Poet, Writer, Director
Hemang Gharekhan
Brand Communication Veteran
Rajan Lodha
Founder, RYL
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